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Social collaboration in probabilistic prediction
Aaron Keith Baughman, Silver Spring, MD (US); and Brian Marshall O'Connell, Cary, NC (US)
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1. A method for social collaboration in probabilistic prediction, the method comprising:
sending, from an application executing in a data processing system using a processor and a memory, a set of predictions to a user device, wherein a prediction in the set of predictions is a probability of an outcome of an event, wherein the probability is computed using a prediction model trained with training data corresponding to the event;
receiving an input from the user device, wherein the input comprises a new prediction made at the user device using a new prediction model executing on the user device;
determining a difference between the prediction and the new prediction; and
revising the prediction model to produce a revised prediction, wherein a revised difference between the revised prediction and the new prediction is smaller than the difference and wherein the difference exceeds a threshold.