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Resilient radio-frequency tag
John S Lettow, Washington, DC (US); Sriram Manivannan, Baltimore, MD (US); Dan F Scheffer, Frederick, MD (US); and Kenneth E Fritsch, Arnold, MD (US)
Filed on Mar. 8, 2016, as Appl. No. 15/64,215.
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1. A transponder comprising:
a first polymer layer;
a radio frequency (“RF”) transponder affixed to the first polymer layer, wherein the RF transponder includes a processor in electrical communication with a graphene-based antenna;
a second polymer layer formed on the first polymer layer and the RF transponder;
wherein the first polymer layer and second polymer layer form an encasement around the RF transponder;
wherein the encasement has a hermeticity of about 10−7 to about 10−12 atm·cc/sec; and
wherein the encasement provides improved impact, temperature, vibration, chemical, and/or corrosion protection to the RF transponder.