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Object detector
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1. An object detector comprising:
a detecting circuit that is a hardware circuit and detects, by use of a shot image of a periphery of a vehicle captured by a camera, an object moving in the periphery of the vehicle, the detecting circuit, when enabled, performing a detection function implemented by software that detects the object by a frame correlation method that uses a plurality of shot images acquired at successive times; and
a controller that (i) acquires information about a vehicle state of the vehicle, the vehicle state including at least one from the group consisting of a velocity of the vehicle, an operation state of an anti-lock breaking system of the vehicle, an open-close state of a rear door of the vehicle where the camera is installed, and a steering angle of the vehicle, and (ii) changes whether the detection function of the detecting circuit is to be enabled or disabled in accordance with the vehicle state by changing a parameter relevant to the detection function so as to change whether the detection function is to be enabled or disabled while keeping the detecting circuit activated.