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1. An appearance presentation system comprising:
a memory storing instructions; and
one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to:
display, on a display device, a second image obtained by superimposing an object indicator image, indicating an object to be monitored, on a first image to be captured when a camera, whose position and posture are determined, shoots a predetermined region to be monitored;
receive a designation of a position of the object indicator image in the second image;
generate a third image to be captured when the camera shoots the object to be monitored placed at a position that is in the region to be monitored and that corresponds to the position designated in the second image; and
extract a part corresponding to the object to be monitored from the third image; and
display, on the display device, the part and one or more suitabilities based on a non-hiding rate that is a rate of the part of the object to be monitored to the whole of the object to be monitored in the third image, the part being included in the third image and not being covered with an obstacle.