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Mobile device based gait biometrics
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1. A method of identifying a person by the person's gait comprising:
providing an accelerometer, an invariant calculation processor, a gait dynamics processor, and a matching processor;
programming the matching processor with a set of predetermined gait dynamics images (GDIs);
positioning the accelerometer on the person;
linking the accelerometer to the invariant calculation processor;
linking the invariant calculation processor to the gait dynamics image processor;
linking the gait dynamics image processor to the matching processor;
moving from one point to another point while carrying the accelerometer;
generating, with the accelerometer, acceleration data corresponding to a gait of the person;
transferring the acceleration data from the accelerometer to the invariant calculation processor;
calculating, with the invariant calculation processor, rotational invariant values based, at least in part, on the acceleration data, wherein the rotational invariant values are independent of a rotational position of the accelerometer on the person;
generating, with the gait dynamics image processor, a gait dynamics image (GDI) of the person based, at least in part, on the calculated rotational invariant values;
comparing, with the matching processor, the person's GDI to the set of predetermined GDIs; and
Identifying the person when the person's GDI matches one of the set of predetermined GDIs.