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Information processing apparatus and method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
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1. An information processing apparatus comprising:
an imaging apparatus that captures a moving image of a target person;
at least one processor configured to act as:
a receiving unit that receives the captured moving image;
a detecting unit that detects a cue given by the target person;
an associating unit that associates the cue, given by the target person and detected by the detecting unit, with the moving image so that the cue will be used to designate the moving image used for evaluating the target person; and
a presenting unit that presents the moving image to an output device for display,
wherein, in response to detection of one of start and end as the cue, if the cue indicates start, the detecting unit treats a point after a predetermined period after the start as end, and, if the cue indicates end, the detecting unit treats a point before a predetermined period before the end as start.