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Support and capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation, system and method for preparing a beverage by centrifugation
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1. A code support to be associated with or part of a capsule intended for delivering a beverage in a beverage producing device by centrifugation of the capsule, the support comprising:
a code formed by at least a first sequence of symbols, said code being represented on the support so that each symbol is sequentially readable by a reading arrangement of an external reading device while the capsule is driven in rotation about an axis of rotation, the first sequence comprising at least one first data sequence formed by at least two sub-sequences of symbols, each one of said at least two sub-sequences further comprising at least one error-checking symbol for allowing a validity check of the symbols of said sub-sequence;
at least a second sequence of symbols, the second sequence comprising at least one second data sequence identical to the first data sequence of the first sequence; and
wherein each sequence further comprises at least one preamble sequence of symbols, and wherein the first sequence and at least one other sequence have distinct preamble sequences.