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Fractal plasmonic surface reader antennas
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1. A fractal plasmonic surface (FPS) radio-frequency identification (RFID) system, the system comprising:
a cage including frame with a plurality of faces;
a plurality of close packed fractal cells disposed on a supporting surface disposed on one face of the plurality of faces, wherein a sub-plurality of fractal cells are disposed along edges of the one face, wherein each fractal cell includes a fractal shape defining an electrical resonator, wherein the plurality of fractal cells are positioned sufficiently close to one another to support plasmonic transfer of energy between the fractal cells, and wherein the plurality of close packed cells are not galvanicaly connected to one another; and
at least one RFID tag configured for application to an animal placed within the cage;
wherein the resonator system is operative as a reader antenna for the RFID system to both receive RF energy from and transmit RF energy to the at least one RFID tag on the animal inside the cage; and
wherein, for transferring the RF energy during operation, galvanic attachment to the reader is only at the fractal cells of the sub-plurality of fractal cells disposed along edges of the one face.