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Electronic system with access management mechanism and method of operation thereof
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1. An electronic system comprising:
a control unit including a processor configured to:
extract a feature, wherein the feature accesses a system component representing a first resource of an operating system,
classify the feature as a third party component for controlling the feature from accessing the system component, wherein the third party component represents a second resource provided by an external source,
generate a replacement component including a fake information, incorporated with an external notification and a replacement notification thereof based on a permission level for accessing a resource type and a resource subtype for accessing the resource subtype for replacing the third party component, and
a user interface including a display, coupled to the control unit, configured to:
present an application, including the replacement component to be executed, coupled to an access configuration to customize the permission level for a service type, and
receive an input for changing the permission level of the service type for accessing the resource type for customizing an operation of the application on a device.