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Method and system for transferring data and instructions through a host file system
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1. A method of encrypting data for storage in a storage device, the method comprising:
embedding an encryption instruction with file data in a data set at a host device;
passing the data set comprising the file data and the embedded encryption instruction to a host file system process at the host device through a parameter of a file system function of an application programming interface that lacks encryption capability, wherein the parameter of the file system function is for passing contents of a file to the host file system process, and wherein the host file system process performs file-level to logical block address conversion; and
generating a command set using the host file system process, wherein the command set comprises a logical block address command and the data set that includes the file data and the embedded encryption instruction, wherein the command set is transmitted from the host device to the storage device for extraction of the embedded encryption instruction and encryption of the file data at the storage device.