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Generation and use of a modified protected file
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1. A system to provide secure access to data, comprising:
a processor configured to:
rename a protected primary content object of a protected file, wherein the protected file comprises an encrypted Portable Document Format File (PDF);
receive a template file, wherein the template file comprises an unprotected file, wherein the template file comprises an unencrypted PDF file;
extract an unprotected replacement object from the template file, wherein the unprotected replacement object includes data configured to be rendered as a set of instructions associated with viewing a modified protected file at a first device at which an IRM client is not installed;
create the modified protected file based at least in part by inserting into the protected file the unprotected replacement object,
wherein the modified protected file comprises unprotected content including the unprotected replacement object and protected content including the renamed protected primary content object; and
send the modified protected file to a second device; and
a memory coupled to the processor and configured to store the protected file.