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Content object encapsulating content items for accessing content and access authorization information
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1. A computer program product comprising a computer readable storage device having computer readable program code embodied therein that when executed performs operations, the operations comprising:
receiving a request from a requestor for a content object, wherein the content object includes a plurality of content items, each content item associated with a different corresponding content, wherein each of the content items indicates a network address of a content corresponding to the content item, one or more descriptive tags for the content, each providing a description of the content, a content type to represent different types of content including a video, an image, and a document;
responsive to the request:
generating a presentation page for the content object;
accessing the content for each of the plurality of content items using the network address of the content;
organizing the accessed content, for each of the plurality of content items, based on the one or more descriptive tags for the accessed content, wherein the accessed content for the content items having a same descriptive tag are rendered together as a group in the presentation page, each group being provided within a different frame in the presentation page, wherein at least two different frames corresponding to different groups of content for different descriptive tags are rendered together in the presentation page: and
providing the presentation page to the requestor for display.