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Information processing device, information processing method, and program
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1. An information processing device, comprising:
circuitry configured to:
record content on a recording medium based on individual keys that are read,
wherein the individual keys are recorded in a protected area that is an access restricted area set by the recording medium,
encrypt based on an application of the individual keys, content received from a server or content read from the recording medium,
wherein the encryption applies the individual keys to selectively encrypt a portion of the content received from the server or the content read from the recording medium, and
read from the protected area of the individual keys based on presentation of a certificate that has access permission information recorded therein to the recording medium, and the read individual keys,
wherein the individual keys are stored in a memory unit of the server along with management information that corresponds with the recording medium, and
wherein the management information comprises at least one of transmission destination information, transmission time information, or transmission date information of the content received from the server.