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System and method for feature-based authentication
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1. A user authentication system, comprising:
a camera;
a display; and
a processor, connected to the camera and the display, wherein the processor is to:
receive images from the camera;
search for a user in the received images;
display a first avatar in a first position on the display, the first position corresponding to the user's position;
display a second avatar at a second position on the display, the second avatar being different from the first avatar, and the displayed second avatar indicating a first movement pattern of the user relative to the camera and a second movement pattern associated with an action to be performed by the user while moving according to the first movement pattern,
wherein the first movement pattern includes one or more movements of the user to the left, right, front or back in relation to the camera, and wherein the user action of the second movement pattern is different from the one or more movements associated with the first movement pattern;
upon detecting a movement of the user relative to the camera, change one or more graphical characteristics of the first avatar, to guide the user to move according to the first movement pattern and the second movement pattern to a position in the images corresponding to the second position on the display; and
authenticate the user based on the images.