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Electronic device, method and storage medium
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1. An electronic device comprising:
a non-volatile memory;
two or more connectors configured to connect to external devices; and
circuitry configured to:
perform a registration function for an alternative password, the registration function comprising:
acquiring identification data items for the external devices;
providing a user interface to allow a user to select, based at least in part on the identification data items for the external devices, a connection order of the external devices to be designated as the alternative password; and
storing the alternative password in the nonvolatile memory; and
perform a function for authenticating the user based on the alternative password if the alternative password has been previously registered, the authenticating function comprising:
detecting that the external devices are connected to the two or more connectors; and
authenticating the user and providing access to the electronic device if the order in which the external devices are connected to the two or more connectors corresponds to the alternative password.