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Method for distribution of licenses based on geographical location
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1. A system for a license provider to distribute licenses for software applications, the system comprising:
a license server operated by the license provider for distributing licenses to user devices;
at least one local interface device at a geographical location, the local interface device having a receive/transmit circuit and an input/output circuit, the local interface device configured to:
communicate, via the receive/transmit circuit, with the license server;
communicate, via the input/output circuit, with a user device when the user device is located less than a predetermined maximum distance from the local interface device; and
be authenticated to the license server; and
wherein the at least one local interface device provides a mechanism, limited to user devices communicating with the local interface device when located less than the predetermined maximum distance from the at least one local interface device, for a user device to use the authentication of the local interface device to obtain a license from the license server.