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Medical pill dispensing system
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1. A method comprising:
accessing a plan, wherein
the plan indicates
a first pill distribution for a first period of time, and
a second pill distribution for a second period of time;
receiving an input, wherein
the input indicates a desired change to the plan,
the input indicates at least one pill to be distributed in the first period of time;
determining whether to modify one or more of the first pill distribution or the second pill distribution; and
in response to a determination that the second pill distribution is to be modified,
modifying the plan to indicate a change in the second pill distribution and reconfiguring a pill packaging (pill pack) in which the first and second pills are to be distributed, wherein the reconfigured pill pack reflects the pill distribution according to the modified plan, wherein the modified plan includes relabeling of columns in the pill pack such that pills with the same hours of administration are merged such that two columns with two separate hours of administration are relabeled so that the two columns share a same designation.