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Low drop-out voltage regulator modeling systems and methods
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1. A system, comprising:
a computer specialized with blocks of instructions and data structures to transform values of a set of operational parameters from a data sheet associated with a low drop-out voltage regulator (“LDO”) into a computer model of the LDO, the blocks of instructions and data structures to include:
an LDO base model table to store base model values representing a circuit topology and a set of analog behavior blocks associated with a fixed output voltage LDO base model, the set of analog behavioral blocks comprising a lumped analog behavior block (“LABB”) including:
a first input terminal coupled to an input voltage terminal (“IN”) to receive an input voltage (“V_INP”) from an input voltage source,
a second input terminal coupled to an output voltage terminal (“OUT”) to receive a nominal regulated output voltage (“V_OUT”),
a third input terminal coupled to a junction of two feedback resistors to receive a feedback voltage signal (“V_FBK”), V_FBK representing a portion of the nominal regulated output voltage, and
an output terminal to output an intermediate voltage V_INT, the output terminal coupled to a terminal of a parallel resistor-capacitor (“RC”) zero-creating filter including a resistor of resistance R_ZERO and a capacitor of capacitance C_ZERO, an opposite junction of the RC zero-creating filter coupled to the positive input of a voltage-controlled voltage source (“VCVS”);
an LDO parameter input instructions block to accept the parameter values;
an LDO analog behavior characterization instructions block to apply characteristics of the base model to the parameter values to effect the transformation; and
an LDO characterization output instructions block to output the computer model of the LDO.