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Multi condition takeoff in construction project software programs
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1. A computer-implemented method of modifying a data file associated with a construction project, the method comprising:
displaying, on a display device, a construction drawing accessed from the data file;
receiving, via a user interface presented via the display device, a first user selection of two or more of multiple building conditions that are each quantifiable by using discrete units of measurement, linear units of measurement, or area units of measurement;
receiving, via the user interface, a second user selection of locations on the construction drawing at which live objects are to be created;
simultaneously creating the live objects to represent each of the selected building conditions on the construction drawing;
displaying, on the display device, one or more of the live objects for each of the selected building conditions for the selected locations on the construction drawing;
identifying, using a rules database, a rule for quantifying a first one of the selected building conditions and a second one of the selected building conditions at the same time;
automatically quantifying, using the identified rule, the selected building conditions at the same time; and
modifying the data file to include, in quantity totals for the multiple building conditions with respect to the construction project, the quantity of each of the selected building conditions.