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Exchange of newly-added information over the internet
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1. A method for information exchange implemented by software executing on a server system, the method comprising:
receiving, from a first one of a plurality of users, a request to be notified of information submitted to the server system by a particular one of the plurality of users;
receiving information submitted by the particular one of the plurality of users of the server system;
storing the received information as collected new information, wherein the collected new information is at least one of ranked and indexed;
providing access to the first one of the plurality of users to the new information;
selecting and inserting one or more advertisements into a notification;
transmitting the notification to the first one of the plurality of users, based on the request and in response to determining that the received information is associated with the particular one of the plurality of users; and
allocating a portion of revenues generated by the one or more advertisements to the first one of the at least a plurality of users;
wherein the notification comprises at least a portion of the new information; and
wherein multiple advertisers bid for inclusion of their advertisement to be at least one of the advertisements to be presented along with the new information.