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Suggesting candidate profiles similar to a reference profile
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1. A method comprising:
detecting, by one or more processors, a request for suggestion of one or more candidate entities based on a reference entity represented in a social database, the reference entity being represented by a reference profile in the social database, candidate profiles in the social database each representing a different candidate entity;
generating, by the one or more processors, scores that each correspond to a different one of the candidate profiles, the generating including, for each score:
accessing parts of a different candidate profile among the candidate profiles for comparison to corresponding parts of the reference profile; and
determining sub-scores that each quantify similarity of a different part of the candidate profile to a corresponding part of the reference profile, the generating of the score for the candidate profile being based on the determined sub-scores; and
causing, by the one or more processors, display of one or more profile identifiers that collectively reference a subset of the candidate profiles, the displayed profile identifiers being selected based on comparisons of the generated scores of candidate profiles in the subset to an extremum score among the generated scores.