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POI information providing system, POI information providing device, POI information output device, POI information providing method, and program therefor
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1. A POI information providing device, comprising:
a storage unit which stores POI data comprising a POI name;
a posted data acquisition unit which acquires posted data through a network;
a trend rating acquisition unit which obtains a matching degree by matching consecutive characters between a word comprised in the posted data and the POI name for each piece of the posted data based on whether the POI name is included in the posted data, and uses a predetermined calculation expression for the matching degree to calculate and acquire a trend rating indicating a trend in popularity of a POI;
a trend rating identification unit which identifies, when a request for the trend rating is received from another device connected through the network, the trend rating corresponding to the request; and
a transmission unit which transmits the trend rating identified by the trend rating identification unit to the another device.