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Methods and systems for data aggregation and reporting
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1. A non-transitory electronic device readable storage medium storing instructions for aggregating and reporting data, the instructions when executed causing one or more processors to:
provide a customizable aggregator for retrieving and analyzing the data, the aggregator being deployed in a base configuration that is not customized for any utility provider;
receive a plurality of settings at the aggregator, each setting accepting one or more values, the plurality of settings together describing a configuration of the aggregator, wherein the aggregator accepts different values for the settings to generate different configurations;
configure the aggregator by providing one or more values for one or more of the settings to customize the aggregator for a specified utility provider, the values representing input data that defines a manner in which the aggregator aggregates the data and corresponding to a set of aggregation requirements of the specified utility provider wherein the settings specify how transmission losses are calculated for the specified utility provider and specify an identity of a market for which aggregation is being performed;
access the data;
aggregate the data to summarize the data, combine the data into a new representation, draw a conclusion from the data, or collect related data,
wherein the aggregating is based on one or more of the provided values such that the aggregator is configurable into the different configurations without providing additional code for the aggregator beyond the base configuration; and
generate a report summarizing the aggregated data, wherein the report is generated based on one or more of the provided values.