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Categorizing captured images for subsequent search
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1. A computer-implemented method, comprising:
receiving an image;
determining context data associated with the image;
storing the image and the context data in a local database;
sending the image and the context data to an image analyzer;
receiving, from the image analyzer, extracted data that is determined based on the image and based on a user profile that includes user preferences specifying types of data that are not to be extracted from the image, the extracted data comprising a type of a recognized subject matter included in the image, a tag associated with a recognized subject matter, and an action associated with the recognized subject matter in the image;
reducing a size of the image to create a thumbnail of the image by performing at least one of downsampling the image, cropping the image, or reducing a number of colors in the image;
associating and storing the extracted data with the thumbnail in the local database;
receiving a query;
determining results of the query from the local database; and
displaying the results.