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Systems and methods for providing continuing access to a remote computer program
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1. A system comprising:
a first device configured to:
transmit a list of local applications that are candidates for remote execution;
a second device configured to:
receive the list of candidate applications;
associate at least one file-type identifier with at least one of the candidate applications in the received list;
store at least one device identifier associated with the first device;
store at least one application identifier associated with each one of the candidate applications;
provide a list of files to be accessed remotely;
a third device configured to:
receive a list of files from the second device or from a file-sharing service;
transmit a selection identifying at least one file from the received list;
wherein the second device is further configured to:
receive the selection identifying the at least one file;
determine a target file-type identifier associated with the identified at least one file based on the received selection;
select at least one of the stored device identifiers and at least one of the stored application identifiers based on the target file-type identifier;
transmit the identified at least one file or transmit the selected application identifier based on the selected device identifier; and
a fourth device, different from the third device, configured to:
receive the transmitted application identifier or the identified at least one file;
execute an application locally based on the received application identifier or the received identified at least one file; and
cause the executed application to access a copy of the identified at least one file, wherein the copy of the identified at least one file is synchronized with a file-sharing service.