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Method and apparatus for sharing part of web page
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1. A mobile terminal, comprising:
a communication unit configured to receive data on a web page from a network according to a first input;
a display unit configured to display a partial region of the received web page in a landscape mode or a portrait mode on a screen; and
a control unit configured to:
collect information on a size of the web page and coordinate information of the partial region of the web page;
generate a virtual anchor for displaying the partial region of the web page;
in response to a second input for sharing the partial region of the web page with another terminal, obtain an address of the web page, position information on the partial region currently being displayed on the display unit and display orientation information indicating whether the web page is currently displayed with the landscape mode or the portrait mode; and
cause the communication unit to send the address, the position information, and the display orientation information to the other terminal.