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Back channel support for systems with split lane swap
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1. A method, comprising:
determining information for a configuration of an interface of a first crossbar switch including a plurality of serializer/deserializer (SERDES) slices having a plurality of connections to a second crossbar switch over the interface;
configuring a back channel layer associated with the first crossbar switch to form a back channel path to carry a first message to a first transmitter from a first receiver of the first crossbar switch based on a configuration of the plurality of connections to the second crossbar switch, wherein the first transmitter is in a first SERDES slice of the plurality of SERDES slices, and the first SERDES slice is assigned a lane ID;
receiving, at the first receiver, a second message on a serial link, wherein the first receiver is in a second SERDES slice of the plurality of SERDES slices, and the back channel layer inserts a recipient ID in the second message to produce the first message; and
determining, with an interface layer, whether the recipient ID in the first message matches the lane ID, wherein the interface layer interfaces to the first SERDES slice.