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Storage unit controller and control method thereof, and storage device
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1. A method for controlling a storage unit comprising a nonvolatile memory, comprising:
setting an indicated flag according to whether a first data saved in a nonvolatile buffer is written to a storage unit;
checking the indicated flag when power is on; and
enabling an update operation mode when the checked indicated flag indicates that the first data is not completed, wherein enabling the update operation mode at least executes: transferring the first data saved at a simulated address of the nonvolatile buffer from the simulated address to a first actual address of the storage unit,
wherein the nonvolatile buffer comprises:
a first buffer unit for saving the first data at the simulated address of the first buffer unit in a process in which the first data is addressed; and
a second buffer unit coupled to the first buffer unit, wherein the second buffer acts as a read buffer of the storage unit, and used as a write backup buffer of the first buffer unit when the first buffer unit is under the update operation mode.