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Method and system for self-tuning cache management
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1. A method for caching objects in a self-tuning cache memory, comprising:
employing a hardware processor for:
(a) performing operations during a convergence phase, comprising repeating until a convergence cache size threshold reaches a cache size threshold, the cache size threshold being lower than a cache memory capacity, the convergence cache size threshold being a target cache usage during the convergence phase:
(a1) receiving a request (hit) for an object having a predetermined time to live;
(a2) caching the object after receiving an Nth request for the object, N being greater than a hit threshold HT, provided there is space available in the cache memory;
(a3) adjusting the hit threshold HT as a function of the convergence cache size threshold;
(a4) increasing the convergence cache size threshold as a function of an average time to live (TTL_avg), the TTL_avg being an average time to live time of non-expired objects and
(a5) terminating the convergence phase provided a duration of the convergence phase is greater than or equal to the TTL_avg;
thus filling the cache memory with most popular objects.