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Accessing different types of memory by respective distinct command with different timing requirements
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1. A system comprising:
a remote device including one or more data channels for respective one or more peripherals, and including volatile channel-based memory for each data channel and non-volatile device-based memory for the remote device, the volatile channel-based memory including first- in-first-out (FIFO) memory and addressable random access table memory for each data channel;
and a bus controller coupled to the remote device via a digital network bus, and configured to send a command across the digital network bus to the remote device, and in response thereto, the remote device is configured to acquire data from a designated data channel or command the peripheral for the designated data channel to perform a conversion, wherein the command is from a communication protocol with which the remote device is compatible, the communication protocol including a set of channel commands for accessing the volatile channel-based memory, and a different, distinct set of device-memory commands for accessing the non-volatile device-based memory, the set of channel commands and the distinct set of device-memory commands having different timing requirements, and
wherein the set of channel commands include channel FIFO commands for moving real-time, continuously-acquired data through the FIFO memory, and distinct channel-memory commands for moving real-time, continuously-acquired data through the addressable random access table memory, the channel FIFO commands including read-in-FIFO commands and write-out-FIFO commands to respectively read and write a package of a number of words, the number being defined in a package-definition register of the remote device.