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Creating logical disk drives for raid subsystems
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1. A method for recovering data in logical storage devices for RAID (redundant arrays of independent devices groups in a storage system, comprising:
grouping storage devices as logical units, each logical unit comprising multiple storage devices, such that a RAID controller that controls a RAID subsystem operates on the logical units instead of the individual storage devices in the logical units;
assigning storage devices of a first logical unit to different RAID groups, and storage devices of a second logical unit to corresponding different RAID groups;
striping data of a first RAID group across the first logical unit and a second logical unit;
copying contents of one or more storage devices in the first logical unit to one or more other logical units in response to a failure of a storage device of the storage devices in the first logical unit;
receiving a first indictor that a single physical carrier, including the storage devices of the first logical unit, has been removed from the storage system;
receiving a second indicator that the single physical carrier in the storage system has been reinstalled; and
reconstructing data on the first logical unit by copying data from the one or more other logical units back to the first logical unit without using parity information of the copied data.