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Test scenario generation support device and test scenario generation support method
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1. A test scenario generation support device comprising:
a storage device configured to hold use case scenarios relating to an application of a test target; and
a computation device includes a processor configured to identify from the use case scenarios a vocabulary relating to a screen display using a predetermined rule, to identify a screen object corresponding to the identified vocabulary for each of the use case scenarios using a predetermined algorithm, and to generate a test scenario based on a test pattern defined in advance for each screen object, wherein
the computation device sets the identified screen object to predetermined screen data corresponding to the use case scenario to generate a screen mock-up and outputs the screen mock-up to a predetermined display device, acquires, from an input device, a content input to the screen object by a user and uses the input content as a test pattern on each screen object, generates an additional test scenario based on the test pattern, and merges the generated additional test scenario and the test scenario to generate a merged test scenario.