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System and method for addressing malfunctions in a software application
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1. A method for resolving a bug identified in a software application, the method comprising steps of:
receiving, by a processor, a bug report from a target platform, wherein the bug report comprises information associated with the bug identified in the software application;
analyzing, by the processor, an application binary code associated with the software application to identify a component associated with the bug, wherein the component indicates a part of the application binary code;
generating, by the processor, a set of rules and a set of actions pertaining to the component, wherein the set of rules are configured to monitor one or more parameters associated to the component, wherein the parameters include a set of internal variables and execution flow of the component, and wherein the set of actions are configured to resolve the bug identified in the component, and wherein the component is monitored based on at least one rule selected from the set of rules, and wherein the rule is selected based on the information associated with the bug;
generating, by the processor, a new binary snippet corresponding to the component based on the set of rules and the set of actions; and
injecting, by the processor, the new binary snippet into the application binary code in order to initiate at least one action, from the set of actions, to resolve the bug in the software application, wherein the at least one action is initiated based on the set of rules.