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Microcontroller utilizing redundant address decoders and electronic control device using the same
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1. A microcontroller comprising three or more processors and a storage device,
wherein the three or more processors are configured to execute a same process in parallel,
wherein the storage device includes a non-redundant memory mat having storage regions each corresponding to an address issued at a time of an access by a processor, an address selection part selecting a storage region in the memory mat on a basis of three or more addresses issued at a time of an access by the three or more processors, a data output part reading data from the storage region in the memory mat selected by the address selection part, and a failure recovery part correcting or masking a detected failure which occurs in the memory mat, the address selection part, or the data output part, and
wherein the address selection part comprises a plurality of address decoders and a majority logic circuit which selects the selected storage region by a result of majority vote of outputs of the plurality of address decoders.