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Distributed load processing using sampled clusters of location-based internet of things devices
Aaron K. Baughman, Silver Spring, MD (US); Thomas Benjamin Harrison, Holly Springs, NC (US); Brian M. O'Connell, Cary, NC (US); and Herbert D. Pearthree, Cary, NC (US)
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1. A method for distributed processing using sampled clusters of location-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the method comprising:
determining, using a processor and a memory at a central IoT device, a data source that is to be used for processing a workload;
selecting a set of IoT devices that are operating within a threshold distance from the data source at a first time;
selecting a first subset comprising a first sample number of IoT devices from the set of IoT devices;
determining a ratio of (i) a first amount of a computing resource needed to process the workload and (ii) a second amount of the computing resource available in the first subset to process the workload;
selecting, from the set of IoT devices to form a cluster, a second subset of a size at least equal to a multiple of the ratio and the first sample number, wherein each IoT device in the second subset satisfies a clustering condition; and
configuring, by instructing a processor at a first IoT device in the second subset, to configure a lightweight application at the first IoT device, the lightweight application enabling the first IoT device to participate in the cluster and process the workload.