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Operating system migration while preserving applications, data, and settings
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1. A method for efficient management of operating systems and applications on computing devices, said method comprising:
receiving a request to migrate a computing device on a network from a legacy operating system to a new operating system, the network comprising a plurality of computing devices centrally managed by a central server, the central server comprising a preexisting library including a plurality of base layers and application layers, wherein different base layers in the preexisting library correspond to different operating systems;
creating a staging area on the computing device;
retrieving from the preexisting library a base layer corresponding to the requested new operating system, the base layer comprising an image that contains complete content of the new operating system such that merging the base layer onto the computing device installs the new operating system on the computing device;
storing the base layer in the staging area;
identifying what applications are present on the computing device and selecting from the preexisting library application layers corresponding to the identified applications;
receiving the selected application layers from the preexisting library on the central server, wherein each of the selected application layers comprises complete content of a corresponding application such that merging the selected application layer onto the computing device installs the corresponding application on the computing device;
storing the received selected application layers in the staging area; and
merging the base layer and the received selected application layers onto the computing device to migrate the computing device from the legacy operating system to the new operating system with the corresponding applications installed on the new operating system.