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Dynamic determination of application server runtime classloading
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1. A method for dynamic selection of a runtime classloader for a generated class file, the method comprising:
loading in a container of a modular application execution environment source code of a program object in a programming language that is native to the container;
disposing a script within the source code of the program object conforming to a language not native for the container in the modular application execution environment;
translating the script into additional source code conforming to the programming language that is native for the container; and,
compiling the source code of the program object including the additional source code into a container class object; and,
writing meta-data to the compiled container class object, the meta-data indicting an identity of the container;
the meta-data being extracted from the container class object at run-time in an application server and being used to determine a container identity for a container in which the program object had been compiled so that the container is selected from a pool of containers according to the determined container identity and, so that the program object is classloaded in the selected container.