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Securing peer zoning
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1. A method, comprising:
receiving, by a storage system, storage system configuration information that is indicative of access permissions of multiple host computer ports to storage logical units that are associated with a certain set of storage system ports;
requesting, by the storage system, in response to the storage system configuration information from at least a first switch of a group of switches that is coupled to the storage system, to add access permissions for allowing the multiple host computer ports to access the certain set of storage system ports via at least the first switch;
determining, by the storage system, to revoke an access permission from a certain host computer port of the multiple host computer hosts, if the certain host computer port was not logged to a second switch of the group of switches during a certain time period; wherein the access permission is one of the access permissions requested to be added; and
sending, by the storage system and to at least the second switch, a request to revoke the access permission of the certain host computer port via at least the second switch.