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Verification support method, verification supporting device, and storage medium
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1. A verification support method executed by a processor included in a verification supporting device coupled to a system including a plurality of computers, the verification supporting device being configured to support a change in a setting of software to be executed by any of the plurality of computers, the verification support method comprising:
generating, every time a setting change of a certain computer among the plurality of computers is executed, a configuration change information that includes a setting change item changed by the certain computer and one or more setting change items changed by one or more computers which are different from the certain computer in response to the setting change of the certain computer;
calculating, for each of all combinations of two setting change items extracted from the generated configuration change information, a co-occurrence probability indicating a value of a probability of changing a setting change item among the two setting change items when another setting change item among the two setting change items is changed;
extracting a second setting change item of which a co-occurrence probability when the first setting change item is changed is equal to or larger than a first threshold, from the plurality of configuration change information, when information of a first setting change item is received from any of the plurality of computers; and
outputting the extracted second setting change item.