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Hybrid server-side and client-side portal aggregation and rendering
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1. A method for a rendering of a portal page, the portal page being displayable on a client system, the method comprising:
receiving a request for a portal page by a web portal engine;
monitoring server-side aggregation and rendering performance by the web portal engine;
comparing, using a processor, a measured performance parameter value of the server-side aggregation and rendering against a pre-defined threshold value;
interrupting, based on the comparison, the server-side aggregation and rendering once the threshold value is exceeded; and
preparing an intermediate result of the portal page based on the server-side aggregation and rendering for sending, such that a client-side processing completes the interrupted aggregation and rendering of the portal page, wherein
the interrupting is additionally based on a pre-defined transmission parameter value such that the interrupting occurs already after a value equivalent to the threshold value minus the pre-defined transmission parameter value, wherein a performance parameter value count starts with a beginning of the server-side aggregation and rendering of the requested portal page.