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Managing dependencies for human interface infrastructure (HII) devices
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1. An Information Handling System (IHS), comprising:
a host processor; and
a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) coupled to the host processor, the BMC having program instructions stored thereon that, upon execution by the BMC, cause the BMC to:
receive, from another IHS remotely located with respect to the IHS, a request to change a first value of a first one of a plurality of hardware attributes of a Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) device coupled to the IHS;
identify a dependency relationship between the first hardware attribute of the HII device and a second hardware attribute of the HII device;
determine whether the request is allowed based upon the dependency relationship; and
at least one of: (i) effect the change and notify the other IHS that the change has been allowed, or (ii) not effect the change and transmit a response to the other IHS explaining a reason why the change is not allowed.