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Using a version-specific resource catalog for resource management
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1. A computing system, comprising:
at least one processor; and
memory storing instructions executable by the at least one processor, wherein the instructions, when executed, configure the computing system to provide:
a cross-code operator component configured to:
receive a set of input code elements; and
perform an operation to generate a set of interdependent items based on the set of input code elements and a dependency between the set of input code elements,
wherein each interdependent item has a corresponding name and a corresponding item identifier that identifies the interdependent item;
a resource re-namer component configured to:
re-name the set of interdependent items to generate a set of re-named interdependent items, each re-named interdependent item corresponding to one of the interdependent items and having a content-based name that is based on content of the corresponding interdependent item, wherein the content comprises content generated by the operation performed by the cross-code operator component; and
a catalog generator configured to:
generate a catalog indicating that the set of interdependent items are consumable with one another, wherein, for each interdependent item, the catalog maps the corresponding item identifier, that identifies the interdependent item, to the content-based name for the interdependent item.