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Management of menu customization across multiple devices
Charles McCoy, Coronado, CA (US); Leo Mark Pedlow, Jr., Ramona, CA (US); Ling Jun Wong, Champaign, IL (US); and True Xiong, San Diego, CA (US)
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1. A method of customizing menus for a consumer electronics device, the method comprising:
preparing menu definitions for the menus to be customized on the consumer electronics device,
wherein the menu definitions provide for a hierarchical arrangement of menu items,
wherein details of the menu items for the menu definitions are left out when the menu items include items which are standard predefined device menu items,
wherein the menu definitions for the menu items include menu actions to specify a network location that has the client download and run code when the menu items are selected, and the menu actions include: (1) running a program code on the consumer electronics device; (2) launching an Internet service; and (3) setting parameters on the consumer electronic device including a volume level, a channel selection, and a picture setting;
generating menu configuration information using the prepared menu definitions;
transmitting the generated menu configuration information to the consumer electronics device;
managing the menus on a plurality of consumer electronics devices customized with the menu configuration information,
wherein managing the menus includes rearranging: (1) ordering of the menu items; (2) nesting of the menu items into at least one sub-menu items; and (3) availability of the menu items; and
receiving a menu customization request from the consumer electronics device upon triggering of an event,
wherein the menu customization request includes device specific information to identify the consumer electronics device,
wherein the event includes at least one of: (1) device power on; (2) a change in an IP address; (3) establishment of a network connection; and (4) a predefined period of time elapsing since the last request.