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Method and apparatus of capturing a screen image of a remotely managed machine
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1. A method of remotely communicating with a managed machine, the method comprising:
identifying the managed machine operating in a communication network;
transmitting a connection establishment message to the managed machine over the communication network;
receiving an acceptance message from the managed machine;
transmitting a request for a screen capture of present operating conditions of the managed machine via a server process, wherein the request comprises a thumbnail image size used for processing the screen capture;
initializing a surrogate process on the managed machine responsive to the transmitted request, wherein the surrogate process is operating on behalf of the server process;
identifying one active session among a plurality of active sessions from which to obtain the screen capture;
performing the screen capture via the surrogate process;
initiating a user input desktop operation via the surrogate process, wherein the user input desktop operation receives user input and assigns the user input to a currently operating thread; and
receiving the screen capture formatted in a compressed format via the server process.