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Read I/O completions outside file operating system domain
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1. A method for reading data from within a storage system that bypasses a storage operating system upon read completion, the method comprising:
receiving, from a client device, a client read request for a data set at the storage operating system executed by a server;
processing the client read request, by the storage operating system, to resolve a file block number (FBN) contained in the read request into a physical volume block number (PVBN) identifying the physical location of the data set in a RAID storage system without suspending the client read request in the storage operating system;
sending, by the storage operating system, a RAID read request for the data set at the PVBN to the RAID storage system, the RAID read request including the content of the client read request;
reading by the RAID storage system, the data set from physical storage devices contained within the RAID system; and
sending, by the RAID system, the data set to the client, to bypass the storage operating system.