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Eye-controlled password input apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium and product thereof
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1. An eye-controlled password input apparatus, comprising:
a display device for displaying a password menu divided into a plurality of display areas located at different positions, each of said display areas corresponding to_each of input password characters in the password menu;
an image capturing device for taking an eye image of a user;
a memory unit for storing at least one preset password and a corresponding account number;
a control unit for generating the password menu according to each character of the preset password; and
an image processing unit for obtaining a plurality of reference objects from the eye image and generating an eye movement direction according to the reference objects;
wherein the image processing unit selects a corresponding display area according to the eye movement direction and thereby inputs one of said input password character; and
wherein after the image processing unit inputs one of said input password character, the control unit automatically generates another one of the password menu on the display device according to next one of character in the preset password in order for the user to determine another one of input password character until a password input process is completed;
wherein each said input password character is compared with a corresponding said character of the preset password, and if a said input password character does not match the corresponding character of the preset password, a current said password menu is automatically replaced by a next said password menu which does not show a corresponding said character of the preset password, nor will subsequent said password menu screens show corresponding said characters of the preset password respectively.