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Touch-input display devices with force measurement using piezoelectric pillars
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1. A touch-input display device comprising:
a substrate with power lines and signal lines;
piezoelectric pillars that are on and extend away from a surface of the substrate, the piezoelectric pillars are electrically isolated from each other, each of the piezoelectric pillars comprise a piezoelectric material that generates an electric voltage across a pair of the signal lines responsive to an applied touch force compressing the piezoelectric pillar, wherein the piezoelectric pillars each have a proximate end attached to the substrate and a distal end opposite to the proximate end, the distal end having a substantially planar surface; and
light emitter devices each coupled to a different one of the piezoelectric pillars and electrically connected to a pair of the power lines, wherein the light emitter devices are connected to the substantially planar surface of the distal end of the piezoelectric pillars.