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1. An input device comprising:
a plurality of meshed electrodes each having a structure made by patterning a meshed conductive layer, and which detects an input operation by a change in capacitance between the meshed electrodes, wherein
the meshed conductive layer of each meshed electrode includes first plurality of conductive lines and a second plurality of conductive lines, the second plurality of conductive lines oriented to intersect the first plurality of conductive lines to form a mesh,
the first and second pluralities of conductive lines forming the meshed conductive layer are each oriented in a direction other than a horizontal direction, a vertical direction, and a diagonal 45° direction of a pixel array consisting of a plurality of pixels with respect to an arrangement of the plurality of pixels constituting a display device combined with the input device, and
a mesh side section of each conductive line, where the conductive line would intersect an ideal contour of the meshed electrodes, is divided at a dividing section of the conductive line that does not overlap with an intersection of the first and second conductive lines to form an actual contour of the meshed electrodes.