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Touch panel control circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
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1. A touch panel control circuit configured to be connected to a touch panel in which an intersection capacitor is formed at each of a plurality of intersections at which a plurality of Y sensor electrodes and a plurality of X sensor electrodes intersect each other, the touch panel control circuit comprising:
a plurality of drive circuits connected to the plurality of Y sensor electrodes, respectively, and each configured to apply a plurality of pulses to a corresponding one of the Y sensor electrodes; and
a plurality of detection circuits connected to the plurality of X sensor electrodes, respectively,
wherein each of the detection circuits includes a switched capacitor circuit configured to perform sampling of a signal from each of the X sensor electrodes, to which the detection circuits are connected,
wherein the touch panel is mounted so as to overlap a display panel, and the touch panel control circuit is configured to perform timing control of providing a display drive period of the display panel and a touch detection period of the touch panel in each line period,
wherein the plurality of drive circuits are configured to output the pulses in the touch detection period and to stop output of the pulses in the display drive period, and
wherein each of the plurality of detection circuits is configured to allow the switched capacitor circuit to continue the operation of sampling the signal from each of the X sensor electrodes in the display drive period and the touch detection period.