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Display device, portable terminal, monitor, television, and method for controlling display device
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1. A display device, comprising:
a display screen;
an operation detecting member which entirely overlaps the display screen in a plan view to detect (i) contact of a target object with a display region of the display screen or (ii) approach of the target object to the display region of the display screen;
a transparent member entirely covering the operation detecting member;
a casing containing the display screen and the operation detecting member; and
a wire containing section between the display region and the casing, wherein
a minimum distance d between (i) an outside surface of the casing and the transparent member, and (ii) the operation detecting member, the outside surface being outside of the display region, (a) is not longer than a detectable distance, within which the operation detecting member is capable of detecting (i) the contact of the target object with the outside surface or (ii) the approach of the target object to the outside surface, and (b) is not longer than a distance d1, in a direction perpendicular to the display screen, which distance d1 extends between the operation detecting member and an outside surface of the transparent member.